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Finally got an anvil, need help with an ID

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Well I got an anvil for Christmas. I do not have much information on it. I don't know when it was made nor a brand. It is 142 #. The rebound isn't great, but its the best i have, and my first anvil so it should work. Any information is great. I didnt see any marking or distinctions anywhere on it either. The ruler for scale is 12 inches.








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if your anvil face is painted, there are chances that your tested rebound isn't great. remove the paint with some paint stripper and the rust if it's thick, and then you'll have a more accurate rebound test. when I first saw my last anvil at the flea market (a Trenton ?) and checked the rebound, it was awful, as on a plain cast iron anvil. but the anvil was painted and under the paint was quiet rusted, so I expected to be like this and this doesn't discourage me to buy it. after removing paint and rust, the rebound is ~ 80%, before it was something like 20%. so, that's a nice Christmas present!

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The only thing I would do to those edges would be to smooth them into various radii with a sander. Welding can cause more issues than leaving them alone. Also, do not get all grinder happy with the top. The top plates are not that thick to begin with, so use it as is for now. If after a year you still want a smoother top you can research the proper methods to make it so. For now, make a separate smooth plate that will straddle the top, or fit in the hardy if the current surface is affecting the workpiece finish in a detrimental way.

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Welcome aboard Deleware Hammer, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many of the IFI gang live within visiting distance.

About your advice, would you care to tell us about your expertise rebuilding anvils?

Most of us who have used anvils for a few decades and rebuilt a few recommend NOT welding on an anvil with that little edge damage. Most of us have witnessed the damage and outright ruin applied by knowledgeable professional welders to minimally damaged anvils.

We're all more than interested in learning how to improve an anvil's face while minimizing damage. Please fill us in.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks for the help guys. I stripped the paint from the top and cleaned off most of the rust. That made a huge difference. I dont see any marking on the anvil at all though. What makes you guys think its a Peter wright anvil? Im not trying to be doubtful, im just curious since I'm new to this.

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With the horn facing right you can see 3 numbers at the waist a 1 then another 1 and an 8, they are spread out and are the hundred weight system. (1x112lb)+(1x28lb)+8lb = 148lb. Just above the numbers you can see some writing which probably says    PETER



Its not uncommon for the stampings to have been obliterated over time due to using the side and some stampings were not very deep to begin with.

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