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First chisel/bit I can't remember the name. I have a bunch . Iirc its for cutting through concrete  like a hand hammered drill bit  may be an insert for another tool with that end on it  

Second looks like antique wheel weight pliers. The hammer bit is to pound weights on, pliers bit and pry part on the end of the handle to get them off. For balancing a wheel. 

 Last one. No clue. Could be part of anything used for anything. Possibly something to aid balancing an antique wheel? Just an "out there" guess. 

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I concur with the wheel weight pliers; I have family friends with an old school tire repair shop that still use a similar pair.

The last one is perplexing.  As to "usable"---if you have a task it works for then yes; if not it goes on the shelf till you run into such a task.  Ig you clean it back smooth I could see it being used to round out the end of pipes you have hammered on a bick to flare them...

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Try this again..... 


 The pliers are for the removal/installation of a dust cap on a rotor or wheel hub (Pre Bearing Buddy). the round nub is the hammer part, the V bits grab the cap between the flange on the cap and rotor, the flat prybar on the handle is for removing the grease seal.

 I have a set myself though not as nicely made.

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