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  1. Yeah there’s some repairs that were made at some point. I was actually looking for it’s age, how old the anvil is.
  2. Wondering if anyone could help me age my Wilkinson anvil. Just picked it up a week ago, got it cleaned up today. 180lbs, 4” face. Wilkinsons and crossed canons are clearly visible. On the back bottom it looks like either “135” or “185” is stamped in it. On the back the only visible numbers of the hundred weight would be the last of the three which is “17”. I weighed it and it is 180lbs.
  3. The small black one on top of the rusty one has no markings at all that I could see. The bottom rusty one has the raised arm and hammer logo.
  4. That’s not what I wanted to hear but glad I did. I was leary because of the raised lettering. If it were truly Cast Steel I’d pay what he asking because I really want to start forging and it would get me started but I don’t want an ASO either. I’ll still try the bearing on them to see how it does. Thanks everyone!
  5. All three are for sale. The Arm & Hammer on the bottom in the back is in very rough shape, not sure on its weight either. I’m interested in the big one and the little one on top of the Arm & Hammer. I’m going to try and get back to take a closer look this weekend.
  6. Has anyone ever seen this marking on an anvil? Is duracast the maker? 150 the poundage? Any help would be appreciated. The guy wants a fair price for it but I’ve never seen a Duracast Steel anvil and I don’t want to buy a lunker. I didn’t get a chance to check the ring/rebound yet but that’ll be my next step. Any info on that top anvil would be nice too. Couldn’t find any markings on it. Thanks!
  7. Any clues as to what this is for? 14lbs 11” Long and 3” wide. I’m guesing it’s cast iron but not sure. Marked “Heritage Tools Mt. Hope Ohio”.
  8. I know this isn’t a tool but I thought I’d put this up to see if anyone has ever seen anything like it. It’s either copper or bronze. About 7” Long and weighs roughly 10lbs. Looks like a crystal cluster. Was found in the woods. Closest thing nearby was an Amtrak rail line. Sorry I can’t get any better pictures I don’t actually have the item. I’m putting it up for a friend.
  9. Well that about does it. Thanks everyone!
  10. Thanks Guys. The chain idea makes sense. I come across those chain breakers fairly often. Pretty cool stuff!
  11. Snagged this little guy over the weekend and I'm stumped on what it is. It's only 3.5" long so I'm guessing something for a jeweler?
  12. Picked up this old stake Anvil last weekend...could anyone tell me what the grooves are for? Is this for a particular type of blacksmith? The groove sizes seem to vary in width and depth 11 1/2" long 1 1/2" wide
  13. Thanks Frosty, I was hoping maybe a former employee would be on here and be able to help. Unfortunately the company went bankrupt due to not being able to keep up with foreign pricing so contacting them won't happen. I've come across a few other Bethlehem Steel items and they're somewhat of a hot commodity. Ok that's good info! The dimensions are very close to that so I'm guessing that's it. My question is what would this be used for? Is it like a salesman sample or something?
  14. Hello All...I found this piece of metal with the profile of a railroad track. It's marked "Bethlehem" and "L.V. 80". I'm guessing it's from Bethlehem Steel and possibly the LV is Lehigh Valley and the 80 is 1980? Im less than an hour from Bethlehem so that's why I'm guessing this. Any ideas on what it is?
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