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  1. Mini anvil?

    Snagged this little guy over the weekend and I'm stumped on what it is. It's only 3.5" long so I'm guessing something for a jeweler?
  2. Stake Anvil

    Picked up this old stake Anvil last weekend...could anyone tell me what the grooves are for? Is this for a particular type of blacksmith? The groove sizes seem to vary in width and depth 11 1/2" long 1 1/2" wide
  3. Bethlehem Steel Railroad Track

    Thanks Frosty, I was hoping maybe a former employee would be on here and be able to help. Unfortunately the company went bankrupt due to not being able to keep up with foreign pricing so contacting them won't happen. I've come across a few other Bethlehem Steel items and they're somewhat of a hot commodity. Ok that's good info! The dimensions are very close to that so I'm guessing that's it. My question is what would this be used for? Is it like a salesman sample or something?
  4. Hello All...I found this piece of metal with the profile of a railroad track. It's marked "Bethlehem" and "L.V. 80". I'm guessing it's from Bethlehem Steel and possibly the LV is Lehigh Valley and the 80 is 1980? Im less than an hour from Bethlehem so that's why I'm guessing this. Any ideas on what it is?
  5. Scale weight?

    Great, thanks for the info everyone!
  6. Scale weight?

    Hello there...I have a large block of metal and was wondering if anyone out there knew what it was. I was thinking it was some sort of scale weight. It's 8x6x4 and weights 47lbs. Has a rectangular hole that goes all the way through, a screw hole in the front and embossed numbers of 564. It has a nice ring to it and was thinking it could make a nice "poor mans anvil". Of course it'd also be nice to know what kind of metal it is as well. Any ideas??
  7. Peter Wright Anvil 1 2 12

    Thanks everyone. Any guesses on age?
  8. Peter Wright Anvil 1 2 12

    My thoughts as well Marc1. Here's a profile picture of the groove. It's very well shaped so whoever put it in there did a good job of keeping it symmetrical.
  9. Hello All! I just bought my first anvil and it's a Peter Wright 1 2 12. As I understand those numbers equate to 180lbs? I was curious if anyone out there knows an age range on this anvil. It says Peter Wright Patent Solid Wrought 1 2 12. I'm also curious to what the flute on the back end is for and the square holes in the base (not the hardy). Thanks!
  10. FE Myers Tool ID

    Found this while digging in a local barn...I know FE Myers is known for hay trolleys, water pumps and many other things but I can't find anything on this clamp tool. Its about 12" tall with the screw clamp and about the same wide.
  11. Tool ID Please

    Thanks for the reply...I'm baffled by the last one as well. First two make sense now. Thanks!
  12. Tool ID Please

    Got a few things here I'm unsure of their use. Utility knife is for size reference. Tongs aren't too old I don't believe. I have a bunch of the + shapes chisels (?) and I have four of the old cone shaped iron pieces...hardy? The post is cylindrical so I wasn't sure if it was a hardy or not.
  13. Modified Sledge

  14. Ok, any ideas what this is/from

    I just bought two of these from an Amish man and he told me they were called chain breakers