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Adjustable Anvil Stand W.I.P

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Got a little time today to start a stand for my new anvil. Plan on using this both inside and out so incorporated in some legs that are adjustable so can get it close to level wherever it decides to rest. Didn't have much time today so this is a work in progress. 

Started out with a 1" steel plate for the base. The legs are made from 2-1/2" x 1/4" square tube. The feet are made from 4" SCH 80 pipe that have 1-1/8" Grade 8 bolts for the adjustment. The bolts are welded to a piece of 1/2" plate with the nut concealed up inside of the 2-1/2" tube, The 4" pipe has a 1/2" plate welded with a 1-17/16" hole punched into it and then welded to one end of the 4" pipe with a nut welded on the top side. There is enough bolt so there is 4" of adjustment so the stand can be used for different height anvils to get the correct working height. The lowest setting I have it would be about 31" where 33" is about the perfect height for me. 

Still have to come up with a attachment system that will work for the Fisher and the Fawcett anvils I have. There will be a hole through the 1" plate that will be inline with the pritchell hole and the hardy hole. Only got about 3 hours into it today so will post some pictures when it receives more attention. Plan on leaving drilling holes in the plate for hammers and other tools. The anvil that is setting on there in the picture is an 80lb Fisher and though I didn't weigh the stand, I'm guessing it is a little more than the weight of the Fisher.

Anvil Stand 1.jpg

Anvil Stand 2.jpg

Anvil Stand 3.jpg

Anvil Stand 4.jpg

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I think you over estimate the value of leveling the anvil in fact some guys prefer their's tilted away from them. I have both my main anvils on tripod stands and only worry about them walking in use. It'd have to be dangerously tilted before it made a difference to me. That may just be experience letting me adapt more easily.

It looks like the feet on yours are open on the bottom or is it just my old eyes? I welded large feet under mine to prevent it digging in on soft surfaces like dry dirt and it makes it much easier to move with a hand truck.

Before you fill the legs with anything give it a try mine quietened my Soderfors and Trentons significantly without additional efforts.

My anvils are secured in angle iron frames with the flange up and tight enough that when I hammer the tong and hammer racks in they wedge the anvil solidly.

Frosty The Lucky.

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