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  1. nice hammer ,a little bit different than mine but I guess age of tool,I'm looking for original knuckles for the T bolts,I went to Little Giant but all they had was flat stock machined and not the cast parts,I want to keep my hammer "original" as so is the rest of it like yours appears to be,could you give me a closer pic of the breaking system set up on top ,mine doesn't have this so it rotates a couple revolutions as I step off the treadle.My hammer is mfg. in 1906.

  2. I still have the power hammer! I have just about finished my little 14'x14' small shop . Next, I am building an enclosed patio off the front of it to house my power hammer anvil swage cone mandrel etc. The project got put on hold for awhile I was sick for 8 months until the Dr's could figure out it was my gallbladder. What a crappy 8 months, I was sick all the time. Had it out last June and I'm almost 100% now. I'll post up some pics in a few weeks when the rain clears. Oh, motor is 2 HP.
  3. 65 pound Arm & Hammer Anvil Date

    Will check your thread out sorry about all the typos, my phone autocorrects to anything it wants I hate that POS, wish i didnt have to carry it.
  4. Help ID my Anvil

    most Definitely arm and hammer this one dates 1918-1919 serial 35008 looks like around 200lbs, the weight should be stamped to the left of the serial on larger anvils and on the side just below the logo on the anvils <100lbs
  5. 65 pound Arm & Hammer Anvil Date

    yes I saw that as well. there is a little story with it. they guy I got it from picked it up from the local retired shop teacher In the small town where my wide grew up. those are not his initials so I'm trying to get in touch with the shop teacher to find out where he got it. the guy I got it from Sam the shop teacher had it for a long time. the shop teacher was the only reason my father in law graduated high school!! thanks I should be rich in no time! nice stand it gives me a few ideas.
  6. 65 pound Arm & Hammer Anvil Date

    something is wrong with they are down on garage journal everyone with bucket has the same problem.
  7. 65 pound Arm & Hammer Anvil Date

    the actual arm holding the hammer logo is slightly less detailed and the "wrought iron" print was dropped 49586 208lb
  8. 65 pound Arm & Hammer Anvil Date

    I think that is the direction I might head unless something else catches my eye. I have a couple more power pole upper beams like i did for the 208 lb A&H. I think i posted photos on here somehwere of that stand. Just had a big oak trimmed so I have rounds but they are a little too short I think.
  9. 65 pound Arm & Hammer Anvil Date

    Thanks! I need to figure out a stand and mount for this little guy now. Not sure what to do any ideas for small anvils are appreciated.
  10. 65 pound Arm & Hammer Anvil Date

    Her you go bucket is acting up should be fixed now. great eye on the Fagersta Bruk Mark on nines colombian over on GJ
  11. I responded to your post, but see you have a couple lovely A&H's!

    Could you get a closeup pic of the side logos and of the serial numbers?  A&H used several different logo styles through the years, and I'm trying to assign serial number ranges for each logo style.  Each sample helps!

  12. Show me your anvil

    208lb and a 65 pound arm and hammer
  13. 65 pound Arm & Hammer Anvil Date

    Very nice thank you. My grandmother was born in 1918!
  14. Can someone with an Anvils In America Book help me pin point a date on this little beauty. I have wanted a small arm and hammer for so many years I kinda stopped looking. Perfect size for my leather craft and gunsmith work. 35008 serial number
  15. Reclaimed Wood Swage Block Stand

    Thanks for the advise, i did trim the corner brackets down below, as soon as my dad saw it he complained