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Bought an Anvil, please help.

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Hi, i recently acquired my fist anvil. It was pretty dirty and rusty and it was dark so I did not notice at first, but when I cleaned it I noticed some nasty damage on my poor anvil. 

The pictures show the damage.
My questions are these:
1. Should I worry at all?
2. Should I try to return it to the man who sold it to me?
If I can't do that:
3. Can I fix it?
4. How can I fix it?
Thanks for the help, I'm really new to this but my dream is to be a blacksmith and I figured owning an anvil is the first step to that.



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 Not knowing where you are and what you paid for it makes a difference in my mind. If you live in anvil poor area and gave 10 bucks for it you may get some good out of it till the next one comes along.                            Dave

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That looks pretty bad. The face is totally destroyed to fix it you would need to remove all unsound metal and then using the Rob Gunter anvil repair technique weld multible passes to build up a new face. This would be an all day job- just the welding the prep work may take 2 or three days with a grinder. Then another day finishing the new face.

If you want to be a blacksmith you should join a group of blacksmiths and go to thier events. Being around this group will help you find the tools that you will need, as well as learning to make the tools that you need.

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