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post vice location

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The shop I work in is laid out to conserve the heat of the maerial you are working on, and physical steps....ultimately time is saved here with this layout.

The layout has the slacktub tucked in close to the forge. Partly under my blower...
The anvil is directly in front of the forge.
And the post vise secured about 4 ft in concrete on a monster piece of square tubing.

Everything you need is a half step away.....not pictured is a swivel shelf on the post vise corner of the forge...this will swing out to be beside me while I am working at the vise(holding chisels, jigs, etc....) There is also a hammer hoop on my post vise that holds a "cold" hammer. This is when I want to lay into something cold....we never use our forging hammers to strike cold metal, chisels, punches, etc....

Here is a visual....Top view of what I am talking about. I got a bit bored today at work....the kids are all working on an open book test. So I have the day to be bored out of my skull!!!!


Hope this helps.


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Think of the forge, the anvil and the vise as a "work triangle." They should be located at the 3 corners of an equilateral triangle. Of course, you will have to adapt this idea to the realities of your shop situation, but sooner or later you will need to swing a lengthy piece of stock from the forge (sticking out the far side), to the anvil (laid across with a great length in front and in back), and then to the vise. Plan the best you can to have the clear space to swing this unwieldy piece about those 3 locations.

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Think about the size of pieces you usually use and how they must move at the vise. The vise may need much more clearence to swing long stock in odd directions than the anvil does.

I have a post vise about 3' to the right of my forge, and one 6+ feet in front of it and two more not generally used for forging including one on a movable stand.

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When I'm facing my forge,the anvil is on the right.....post vice to the left with blower in between it and the forge.
If it were a bit closer to the forge, I would probably use it more than I do now.

My shop is small. That's why I have not rearranged things better.
But a new shop is planned for spring;
If all goes well,I'll be able to put everything where I want.

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I have two leg vises in close proximity. My forge is to the left, the anvil in the middle and the treadle hammer on the right. One vise is slightly out of the circle but between the anvil and treadle hammer. It is mounted at anvil height so my natural hammer swing is the same for both. The other vise is mounted at elbow height on the edge of the forge. I use this one much more than the lower mounted one; for twisting and other work. The other vises in the shop are machinist style and are set for filing.

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Wish it was a 6 " vise but very glad to have it. I assume you speak of the squiggly looking thing. That is a stock holder that can be rotated upward to hold tripod legs in the gasser ( which is inbetween the vise and the solid fuel forge ). Otherwise it lives in that position.

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