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  1. have you check out fire extengisher busness they have co2 tanks that what I used and they are real cheap to buy
  2. has anyone use a overhead projector shine on a wall to make a project
  3. thank you all for the help I used the ary saline gel that is very good stuff, it does the job even with the allegy that is in the air so i can blacksmith with no problem so thanks again.
  4. the earmuff, if you wear glasses you will not get a good seal around your ears some of the noise will get though thake care of your hearing once you lose some your hearing it is lost will not get better
  5. what do you think of the SIMPLE ATOMSHERIC GAS FOR PLANS what would the unit cost to build no experence with gas forge
  6. went to the doctor ane he said the one nose the vein is on the surface not a good ideal to have coutrize as far as the gas forge my wife will not have one because of the cost for one do have a good forage that takes out smoke just demo that I have the big problem.
  7. does any of you that do blacksmithing everytime I am around a demo that have a lot of smoke or at home. have bloody nose problem the next day use vasoline does any one out there have the same problem. would not like to quite blacksmith ,gas is out of the picture any help would be helpful
  8. In my shop I ran 1/2 inch copper with brass fitting for the outlets solder all the connections pressure at 120 lbs
  9. what the diameter of the bowl,how deep is it
  10. waianvil

    jim coshatt

    to everyne that looks at this prayer he passed away tuesday in the morning to much for his body to repair thanks to everyone that check on the prayer list
  11. waianvil

    jim coshatt

    My daughter's husband was in a bad truck accident, a pickup pulled into another lane, hit the semi and started on fire. Burned truck and driver had upper part of his body burned, and is now is in a burn unit in Tulsa
  12. as jr. about showing a picture of his hold down, I have one of them also drill in the hardy hole also made one that fits in the hardy hole is made out of that fits the drill press to hold down material when you drill hole.
  13. finnr, that what use also works very good,I know a guy that sell them on ebay jake two feathers
  14. I want to install a post vice what height do you use for the vice straight out from your arms need advice only want dig hole once.
  15. I use pickle vinegur it a drywall can after I get a piece all done forgeing then I put it in a drywall put it in there over nite next day take it out next day all the slake brush right off and looks a new piece of steel again,need to put a lid on the drywall container
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