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I Forge Iron

can't find an "anvil"

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I thought I would post a couple pics of my simple setup, for anyone who says they would like to get started, but, can't find an anvil.  I can no longer work with very big iron. I usually stick to 3/8" stock or less. I can no longer move my 100 lb. anvil around without regretting it. Soooo, this is what I use now. I have had no problems without a horn or hardy hole. I was taught to work off the edge of the anvil anyways. All I ever use is hammer, tongs, punches and chisels. My point being, use what you have. I would love to have all the big boy toys that could be had. Again, use what you have and get to forging. The chair, is an important piece of equipment too! Arthritis is a cruel mistress.



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Looks to be a fine setup Donnie. Left handed? I LOVE the drawers in the anvil stand. The only thing I see missing is a cup holder.

You're a fine example of what's really necessary to be a blacksmith, it ain't the tools, it's the brain and desire. Well done.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Frosty, Thanks for the kind words. No lefty here. It just so happens that I was holding the cup you mentioned,in my right hand, when I placed the hammer and tongs.

Thomas, ain't it funny how our thoughts change as we age. I used feel ten feet tall, as most men do when younger. Nowadays, if it don't hurt, it don't work. Enjoy it while you got it!

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