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When should you choose Ox/Ac Welding


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There have been times when rusted areas were removed from quarter panels in a vehicle and ox/ac was used to weld the new material back into place. That was full penetration mostly verticle welding with a flat bead. It is fair to say ox/ac welding of thin tim has been replaces by mig welding (wire welding). I have also seen ox/ac used to weld 1/4 inch thick materials.

Ox/ac can easily be used for cutting steel, heat treating and tempering materials, spot heating, short heating, and is a versatile system, able to do many jobs.

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The thing to consider when you for an oxy/ac rig is where you will source your bottles. The small rigs(portable) are fine if you use it not so often. If you use your torch alot, welding, cutting bending whatever you are going to use alot more gas.
Now, some weld shop suppliers won't fill tanks, some will. The ones that do, make sure they fill them on site, rather than sending them out to be filled. If you are like me, I don't have time to wait on that.
What a lot of suppliers do is lease you the tanks. They (the supplier)own the tanks, so if there is a problem with one, it is their problem, not yours. Also, tanks have to be pressure tested every so many years. If you own the tank, you are responsible for seeing to this. A supplier will not fill a tank unless it is certified for pressure test. So, in a lease situation, when you run out of gas, you take them back to the supplier, and exchange them. You then pay just the cost of the gas. (My last bill for both oxy and ac was 35$. I have medium sized tanks)
My lease is for 99 years for both tanks. It cost me ,with the first gas fill, about 450$. I'm sure you can go down a size and go a little cheaper.
The other option that has opened up is through my local farm supply TSC. They do an exchange program, like propane.In short, like a lease. They also supply shielding gas as well. As for the pricing,, not sure.

Medium sized tanks last me a good while, and I use my torch on a fairly regular basis. And they really won't take up that much more space. I do a lot of welding with my set up.

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Keith, for cutting you are correct on the bottle usage and pressures. I use plasma for almost 100 % here at home and my regulators stay at neutral ( 4 psi ) for welding. Cold weather is hard on regulators. 3/8 rod can be nicely welded to 16 ga sheet with gas. I also use mig ( and sometimes tack with a mig before finish welding with gas ).

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I use oxy/propane for cutting and heating either with the cutting tip or a rosebud. Cutting with propane requires special tips but they are available for most torches.

I switch to acetylene for welding and brazing. About the only thing I weld with the torch are very light things like rose leaves and such and some repairs. My little 3' high acetylene bottle will usually last several years.

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I did my first forging last year using a OA set for the heating. Another nice thing is that I used it to weld the rose bud and leaf to the stem and it blends in nicely. Easily touched up if needed since the weld is at forging temp when you are done :D

I own my tanks, but exchange tanks to get them filled. You just pay for the gas. (this is why a lot of people say don't bother with getting brand new tanks as most places will do tank exchange - you would have to wait around for over 7 hours for your acetylene tanks to be filled) I have a set of 40 cu ft tanks. I think it cost around 25 to get them filled. If at any time I feel I need larger tanks, I can trade these in and get bigger ones. They will give full credit for these tanks (going rate for them when I trade them in) to go towards the larger set.
After you think about it, exchange system isn't that bad. You always have a good tank.

I think if you have an old tank that is out of certification (hasn't been presure tested in a long time) they will exchange it but if it turns out bad, you basically have to pay for the tank you received.

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