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I Forge Iron

My new old Fisher

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Hi folks, saw this 1907 400lb Fisher sitting in a flower bed at a house I drove by many times. I saw he had horses. I had an old roping saddle in my basement. I took it over and we traded. I have been using a 100 lb Fisher for years to do my work. Can't wait to throw some hot iron on this one. Take care and happy hammers. Smoke


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Oh yeah guys, flattened a few flowers. Me and my buddy were struggling to get that thing into my pickup . Poor guy even picnched his fingers between the horn and the tailgate. I bought him a hot dog to make up for it.

You're a CRUEL man buying your buddy with the injured digits finger food!  I kind of like that in a person. B)

Frosty The Lucky.

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Very nice score!  I've been using a Fisher for awhile and can't imagine a better anvil.  I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven if I found a 400-pounder with such pristine edges!

Yeah compared to my 100 pounder side by side it's like the titanic docked up next to a tug boat. 

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