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did i over pay for my anvil

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this is my 187lb forged Peter Wright anvil that I paid $775 I got it from a farm action I talked to the farmers son and he said that the anvil came from a blacksmith that lived up the road and got to old to do anymore smithn so he sold it to this farmer and he pounded on it for years and now I own it. It also came with 2 hardy tools a cut off hardy that doesn't fit, a hardy horn made from a old chuck wagon axel as well as a heavy magnet that dose not quiet the anvil so I wrapped the anvil with a chain it also has great rebound and the face shows some wear such as dents torch marks one the back and its got a divot in the center but dose not affect my work  















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AT $4.15 a pound you have an anvil that should be able to pay for its self in a short while.

Put a couple wraps of light weight chain around the waist of the anvil.

Put the magnet in a plastic bag and collect metal filings, scraps, scale, etc. Reverse the bag to capture the metal filings and throw it away. Use a new bag and repeat as needed.

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The best way I found to quieten down my pw is to have a safe tool in the hardy hole, tight, I made up a 5/8 mild steel tapered round bit to wedge the pritchel hole  and a large magnet under the heel. As Dogsoldat pointed out most of the ring comes from the heel, I also have a chain around the waste but the mods to the heel is the difference between ringing like a tuning fork or a dull thud.As far as the price goes that would be a good buy over here.

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I personally think you should not sweat the price. You were ok with it at the time so it provably didn't hurt really bad else you would have passed, right? So any concern now is academic. Plus you have a nice working anvil. I say IF you put it to good work than it was a good deal. If it is just going to sit alone on a stump in a quiet shop then you overpaid.

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