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I Forge Iron

A Pallet of China's Best

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This weekend we traveled to Idaho Falls for a soccer tourney with my daughter - which her team won BTW!

There is a large Army/Navy store along I15 south of Idaho Falls.  We wondered around a for a bit and found these beauties. 

The first one now seems to be perfect, though the pritchel and hardy both do not go all the way through.  The little one is stupid expensive for the size, I figure it was about 50#.

The pallet of "anvils" was way in the back.  I didn't have a ball bearing with me and was afraid to hit either with a hammer.  The bigger one's hardy was plugged with...something and was maybe 5/8" but the pritchel was about 1".  I have never witnessed something like that before.

If you are in need of nice doorstop head to the Spud State!

clogged hardy and huge pritchel.jpg

The beut.jpg

Wisdom brand.jpg


horid casting.jpg

only 389.00.jpg

This one now looks awesome.jpg

U.G.L.Y. horn.jpg

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Like to test that one to see if it's really steel and not cast iron... cause if it isn't it's actionable!

I was thinking the same thing, but unless it's larger than it looks in the picture the price is too high for an imitation of that size. Also, it might really be steel but not hardened.

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These one have just started to be sold in Aust in all sizes called Gripwell, they don`t say where they are made but we can guess , this ones 100kg (220lbs) and called cast steel. They would have to take the award for the ugliness ASO.


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Oh , you guys are just so ...picky! Just cause it looks like poorly made junk, and just because they are ugly doesn't mean they should be "unloved" :D

Then again 'if it looks like and quacks like a duck'

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