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Salvaged Grilling Fork

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I was making a flux spoon out of a rr spike. I broke the bowl off trying to shape it. I think I went about the whole process backwards. Anyway thats for another post. I was left with a pretty cool handle so I made a grilling fork out of it for a buddy of mine. Came out pretty cool, now his father in law wants one.



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It could use a little more handle length and I've discovered the ladies don't like pineapple twists for handles, the corners are too sharp in their hands. It'll be a good way to keep them away from out grilling tools. ;)

Now all it needs is a carving knife. . . Well, the rest of the grill tool set.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Where are you at?  I once filled up a flat rate box with spikes for a 15 year old whose parents would let him forge but not scrounge---wise parents.

I can generally find a gracious plenty of them at the scrapyard.  You can also buy them new from the manufacturers.

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That is one wicked looking fork!!


Also as Thomas said do you actually need more spikes? I have more of them than I will need for a while. They arent the HC ones they have a letter V  and either a 3 or 8 after it so not real sure of the composition.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I actually have one or two spikes currently, and those already have spoken for projects. I think I have a line on somebody that has some locally though, I just got to get off my tail and get them. Going to see if he might trade for some mower blades.

On a semi related note I just found out that the local ACE hardware is closing its doors this week and everything is 1/2 off. Sad in a way,but by the time I found out it had almost been picked clean. But there was still alot of the various mild steel tidbits left in there bin so I might hit that up for some stuff to have around. At least some more 1/4 round for fork tines!

That fork makes me think of that big slab of ribs that used to roll the Flintstones. ;)

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