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  1. Does the carnauba wax darken the steel when applied?
  2. Thank you for the reply. My idea was to buy a cheap HF hammer and hit it with a combo of cutting and grinding disks to make an irregular crosswise pattern. Would it be not safe to do this? I have read warnings about messing with hardened hammer faces. Of course who knows how hard a chinese made HF hammer hear really is lol. and I guess I didnt really mean "tree bark" but just something that makes the eye think of a tree.
  3. Has anyone made a texturing hammer? Im going to attempt a tree bark pattern. Is there a better way than just taking an angle grinder to it and making a pattern of inconstant lines? any advice and/or pics would be appreciated. I am also concerned about the safety of cutting into a hammer head. Thoughts?
  4. Thank you for posting that template, the measurements are pretty much perfect for getting that nice diamond in the center. Here are a couple I made from RR spikes earlier using your formula.The one on the left I decided to use the point of the spike for cut A.
  5. Have you met the neighbors and told them what you do? You can gauge alot about their feelings on the subject by bringing it up casually in a conversation. Also try not to use the term "hobby" or "weekend". When you talk about your forging. The term "part time" sounds alot better. you are asserting that you do this to help pay the bills but at the same time you might consider any special requests like waiting till a certain time on weekends or something like that. People will usually complain quicker about a noisy hobby than they will a noisy profession. especially if its just during hobby hours.
  6. Bob Im sorry I didnt see this post earlier. It seems I had the same problem the first day or two. The problem I have is too much airflow from a blow dryer even on low. My solution was to start my fire with a nice heaping load of dry charcoal to get everything up to heat. After the first forge full starts to get smaller I add pre wetted charcoal around the outside edge of the it it moved closer to the actual fire ball it seems to dry out before it actually makes it to the fire. I use a nursery pot with drainage hole in the bottom and pour a load in there and give it water until it starts to flow out of the bottom and stop. I do that 3-4 times before I add more to the OUTSIDE of the fuel pile. With that said you may want to try what the more experienced smiths suggest first.This is just what has worked for me until I buck up and rig something to restrict my airflow. BTW I think that 3-4 hours of continuous forging for a small bag of royal oak is about right. I like to pick up a small bag after work every day or so I have 4-5 bags stocked up by the weekend and doesnt seem as painful as buying in bulk even though you are actually getting a better price. YMMV.
  7. Sorry to repeat but that barrel is a beautiful piece!
  8. Haha the wife just suggested a chastity belt . Thats why shes a keeper.
  9. lol ya.I bet it it would make a great gag gift at the bachelor party though.
  10. Im watching now. I like it. I wont give any spoilers but I will say so far it is NOT what we were fearing!
  11. A little bit of both I guess. I have tons of spikes and no barstock besides rebar and I guess I just wanted to see if it would work. It did take me an embarrassingly long time to finish it though. Not real certain I will do it the same way again.