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I promised a month ago to the Iron Dwarf I'd write a review for his forge and what I learnt, and as I hope you'll all understand,  if you don't do it there and then life gets in the way and by the time you get to it a month has passed and you're also apologising. So, when I started posting in April,  Iron Dwarf kindly invited me to learn a thing at his place Glendon Forge in Kettering, I believe he's open most weekends unless hes away at a show and readily welcomes old and newbies alike to chat or have a go heating and  hitting, In the short time I was  there  I was introduced to another chap, Copper Elf who showed me how much to heat, twist, taper, flatten, scroll, rat tail, cut, bend and blacken, I made a bottle opener and a hammer in hook, and  I'm using them both, Thanks CE.

I am really impressed with his forge design, Very simple and easy to use, and  they're available to buy at about a tenth of the price of some ive seen as he has said in previous threads, and they're completely transportable, and really quickly put up and taken down, the air  intake is particularly  ingenious and can even be used as a BBQ or spit, with the  right coal of course, he also makes cut off  hardies  and is currently designing a power hammer. 

All in in all  my first introduction  to blacksmithing on a personal level has been amazing and very helpful and I definitely think Anyone who wants to get into it should spend just a couple of hours with someone who  knows what they're doing, is there a visit my forge thread? There should be. Iron Dwarfs forges are available and they are brilliant .



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Were are the pictures? No proper report is complete without . . . PICTURES! Don't make me start making up funny things using your handle . . . Frodillicus

My goodness, what ARE they teaching kids in school these days?

Frosty The Lucky.

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