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I Forge Iron

New guy kinda

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Hi folks

Ive been on the site a few days now, and just realised I havn't properly introduced myself.

Im totally new to blacksmithing and I guess Im trying this out as a hobby to begin with.

I currently live on a little rock in the English channel. I have managed to build a little brake drum forge and got hold of a 303lb anvil, a few hammers and bought a set of wolf jaw(?) tongs.


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Welcome to IFI.

Most questions have been answered already and are in the site archives, along with the full discussion on the subject. Pack a lunch and a cold drink and start searching the site for topics of interest.

Start looking for fuel and scrap metal.You can never have too much of either. Build a small table around the brake drum to hold extra fuel, tools, etc. It will serve you well as you forge. The 300 pound anvil will allow you to do many things and should last for several life times.

Again, welcome to the site.

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Hi Stephen, Welcome to the site and enjoy your new hobby. Check out the Blacksmiths Guild UK in the Groups section, and also our website wwwblacksmithsguild.com to see what we have going on,.

We are not far from Exeter airport or the ports of Plymouth and Weymouth,  If you are venturing over here we would be glad to see if we can help you in any way.

Have fun !

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Glenn coal is pretty cheap here and i managed to pick up a 1/2 tank of propane and a torch for £5 the other week so might look at a little propane forge too.

Scrap metal is the hard part to get. 1 breakers yard on the island, though lots of car clubs. So im trying to get the word out to some of the guys that work on cars for springs. 

Charles R. Stevens I used to make shovels for a living when i was a teen 

the iron dwarf .. mad house no problem im a psyche nurse.

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Psych nurse?  I worked at the local state mental hospital for nearly a decade before the state, in it's infinite LACK of wisdom decided to close them all down in favor of "community care" that simply doesn't exist.   Somebody stop me..... I'm about to go off on a Frosty-esqe rant!   Anyway, welcome, I know many psych nurses though I daresay none who also blacksmith, though many who probably SHOULD be pounding out their frustrations on steel.   

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Wasn't the state, the feds funded the "nonprofits" (amazing how much the board members are getting paid) insted of funding the medicare psych directive. Many states have shut the mentaly ill out as a protest against the unfunded mandate. 

So now the courts have had to step up to keep the mentaly ill out of the prisons. 

Cant tell I'm a consummer, can ya?! Lol

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