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i have one of those stainless steel soup pots like the ones a restuarant uses
it is fine small enough to empty but big enough for the job
only problem i have it is too close to the floor maybe a little stand in the future
i forget even how i ended up with it , hope i didn't do anything illegal to aquire it

So THAT'S what happened to my soup pot!!! :P
I have a small galvanized tub that I use. I had a bigger one filled with peanut oil, but I had it sitting close to my vise. I was using an ax head to open a space in a piece that I had welded the end of. It wedged in, so I knocked it out with the hammer. It fell into the quench tank. I didn't pay it any attention until I finished what I was doing, then I pulled it out of the tub. The fact that it was somewhat difficult to get out should have been a hint. Next thing I knew is that I had peanut oil running all over the dirt floor. After a couple of seconds of panic, I dumped some trash out of a metal trash can, I dumped the remaining oil into it where it still is today. I put a 1.5" or so gash in the bottom of the old quench tank. :( So now it holds some odd pieces of steel that are waiting for a new project to claim them.
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