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Folded Eye Hawk

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Here is a commission I recently finished. Mild 1x1/4 flat bar with 5160 insert. Pewter end caps. A fun little hawk. I changed the general shape of this one. Also filed in some decorations on the top. Thanks for looking! Still working on improving the quality of my work. I'm not as artistic as I'd like to be, so I'm striving improve the performance of my work. Headed to another axe forging class in St. Louis in two weeks! 








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Thanks Chris! I used a full length, but still ran a bead from a wire fed welder down it. My piece of 5160 was a bit more narrow compared the the mild when it was finished. There was a slight space up towards the handle that I wanted to close up too. 

I just started a drifted eye style from 7/8in square, and I took my inspiration from some of your beautiful works! Especially your Norse and Dane style axes! 

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Good job Benton, I've liked that basket leather since I saw you post it on G+.. but I'm not understanding one thing.. how is it that you have such nicely manicured hands? Mine are an embarrassment so I keep them in my pockets all the time on advice from my wife.. lol


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