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So i finally finished my new treadle hammer and i just had to show off because it is the first machine i have ever built from scratch, first welding/fab project, first major shop upgrade. And it only cost me $800 and 200hours of my time ????.

i still need to build the hardplates, handle assembly, and bolt her in place but it works.

thanks kubiack for your help on straightening the column i did end up cutting it almost compleatly apart. 

now the next question what to name her?

never mind what to make with her first?

what am i to do with my freetime now?


well i need sleep that is enough bragging for one night.




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The anvil is 6" round solid 36" thr ram is 3" solid i found them at my employer as usable drops but i had to learn to weld 4350 and 4140 (preheating and post heating the parts in 20degree weather was fun)

But at .33 cents a pound i took what i could get


Thanks for the compliments


i'll update this post again when i finaly see what i can do with her but i need to clean up the mess in my shop first


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Greetings Du,

That is an interesting design ... A few suggestions ...   The foot treadle if you add a ring you can approach it from side angles ...  Nice for detail work.  You might try a shorter shackle in the rear.  You have tons of distance from the anvil to the head..  It will be fun to play with I sure love mine ... All three..    As for the name some of the good ones are already taken...   Kick ass... Big lick... Grasshopper...   Now you get to build the tooling ... That alone will take years..  I have tons..

Forge on and make beautiful things


Oh first job...  Straighten the bar on your post vice..  LOL

treadle hammer.jpg

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But i like my bent up handle it saya hey i am over a century old be nice to me lol.

i was concidering adding a larger pedal but i just stuck to th abana plans figured i can change it later if it bugs me.


Dont you want plenty of space for tooling and acceleration before impact?


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Nice build. I love "bare bones" as I can see how it works and since I've never seen a treadle hammer before I can now understand one. Thanks.

As for names: Little Nell. I just saw her and that's what popped into my head.

Little Nell, Little Nell. Pounds hot iron and rings like a bell.

First project: Practice, I know, boring but this little lady needs courting before you can get to know her better ;)

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