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I Forge Iron

Gilling Sword.


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Here are some great photographs by Peter Rebac of Amber Studios, Edinburgh of a Sword made by Paul Macdonald of Macdonald Armouries.
 The sword is a reproduction of  the Gilling sword in Yorkshire museum.
I made the blade , the commission and the rest of the work was Paul Macdonald's. Blade is en42J and 15n20, 7 layer twists with high layer edge (700 or so) . the handle is wrought iron stabilised bog oak and silver.
I really love the look of this piece and the photographs bring out the visual texture briliantly. there is an underplay to it all that I really love.
I get great satisfaction when a blade of my making is brought to life in this way in someone else's hands.




hope you like it .
 All the best Owen

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"Visual texture" is an excellent descriptive phrase for the photos of this blade Owen. It came out as beautifully as a blade gets. It has an understated menace that speaks loudly to my eye. Do you have any photos of the entire length or at least the tip?

Whoever took the photos knew his/er business, they are as good as photos get. It isn't easy getting good shots of polished steel, controlling the reflections without muting the highlights to extinction is a matter of knowledge and skill.

Outstanding on all counts.

Frosty The Lucky.

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This looks so beautiful, this looks so right, almost organic. It makes me understand why the swords of legend were named.

I tip my hat to you, you are a craftsman and an artist. The fittings bring out the blade wonderfully, true synergy between you both.

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