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My daughter's first work - Split crosses

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My 15-year old daughter made me an even prouder Dad today. She wanted to do some blacksmithing and decided to make a couple of split crosses - while I did the forge tending and holding the hot iron (this time), she did all the hammering, texturing, and brass brushing. I think they are the best ever (but that's a Dad for you!) What say you?


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That's really nice work. Great texture. I have studied the pic but I must be missing something - how is that done wth one piece of steel?? Doesn't look possible.


That's what I thought until I finally had a local Smith show me how to do it.  Then it was a big "doh!", I knew there had to be a trick to it!      


Those do look good!

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That's really good for a first attempt, beats the hell out of the mangled piece of steel I ended up with when I first tried it, you should both be very proud, her of her work, and you of your daughter!


That's a great PDF telling how to do a forged cross, wish I'd have come across it earlier! I learned how to do it from this video on youtube by Gary Huston, he has some great informative videos on his channel.


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