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First project and I am hooked

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I have been working on getting set up to start blacksmithing . It is through this site that I met Jim Coke. I met him and he offered to get started. Well I jumped at the chance and what a great day I had working with Jim. It turns out I live in the same area. I have attached a few pics of the items with Jim's patience and guidance I created for my first attempt. Jim I can't thank you enough.......Zekepost-31856-0-34340300-1398691899_thumb.jpost-31856-0-04171100-1398691924_thumb.jpost-31856-0-91194100-1398691955_thumb.jpost-31856-0-56470400-1398691992_thumb.j

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Well done Zeke! You are now living proof that an hour with an experienced blacksmith is worth days or weeks on your own. The wall hook is graceful and well proportioned, very attractive. The steak flipper (I believe?) is also quite nice. The taper in the scroll is uniform and evenly turned. The twist is well placed and uniform as well, it'll make a dandy handle. The hook is again uniform and well shaped. I can't think of a thing you should've done differently. Not speaking of personal preference decisions.


Your technique is pretty darned good for a first timer, you're going to be giving classes sooner than you think.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks , Frosty you are right on the money. Working with a person such as Jim is huge . The learning curve is shortened a great deal. I am looking forward to more projects and challenges as there will plenty of both. The knowledge and resources on this site and the willingness to help a greenhorn like me is much appreciated.





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It was indeed a treat to work with a student that has a passion for metal work...  Zeke was like a sponge and took to it like a duck to water.. I look forward to more sessions at the forge..  In a few short hours he accomplished quite a bit for a first time smith.  Always welcome..


Forge on and make beautiful things


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