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  1. I thought it would produce damascus. It's not just one rod it's a few holes drilled in square stock then fit with another type of steel to create layers. I'm not sure if it will work or not that's why I asked the question at the start of the post.
  2. Its his shop and his tools and he was nice enough to allow me to use his space. If he tells me that the sky is yellow while I'm there I wouldn't dream of correcting him. I'm really hoping I can manage well enough through the whole process that I can ask him about an apprenticeship. He said something about needing a extra set of hands around the shop to clean and help with heavy projects and I'd really like to be that extra set of hands Frosty if you ever manage to remember the name of that book let me know. My cousins wife works in a book recycling factory and when ever gun or blade books pop up she sends them my way.(blacksmithing books are on that list now also) if it happens to come to me I'd be happy to send it your direction free of charge
  3. I don't consider myself has a blacksmith because I have yet to learn one tenth of what most of you know. But its my nature to always challenge the way things are done and can be done. I doubt I'm the first to try this but its new to me. The local smith I was talking to said if this creates a decent quality Damascus he believes that using this method can create "controlled Damascus" by that he means only certain parts of the steel would become Damascus thus creating a knife with the edge being the only part of it that's Damascus would be possible
  4. Found a local blacksmith about 3 miles away. Stopped by and talked to him for awhile (took coffee and some snacks) and talked to him about my project. He was curious about what results would come of it so he invited to do it at his shop using his gas forge and press so I could get the best results. You blacksmiths never cease to amaze me. Looking forward to posting the results once we can get a day set up at his shop
  5. She went and got her shots after the first day she followed me home
  6. This followed me home about six months ago and we have been pals ever since.
  7. I did think about that and asked the wife but she said if I put "THAT CRAP" in her oven I'll be joining it in there lol. I remember from school that heating metal allows for expansion and that was my first choice but the wife made me hammer it in
  8. I was already ahead of you frosty the hole I had drilled is just a tad to small for the rod so it was hammered in after it was polished to make sure most oxy build up could be eliminated. Glad at least I think like most of you real smiths.
  9. Thanks everyone. If weather permits it I will be starting tomorrow. Going to clean the face of the square bar stock and clean the rod that will be inserted into it. After that I'll take the first set of pics. Then I'm going to weld the hole shut and give it some heat. Hopefully everything will go well and I will have some more pics to share with you guys. Again thanks for all the support and advice. I will be giving you a call tomorrow Robert to get some advise has I start.
  10. Once I start I will be posting pics Kay. Thanks for the interest in the topic
  11. It won't be used for anything functional and if it turns out nicely I might donate it to a bladesmith just so it can be used to make something beautiful. This is my version of sink or swim either I'll succeed and something beautiful will be created or I'll fail and try again until I get it right
  12. Thanks every I will post pics has I move along with it. Frosty I should use 15n-20 on the outside and 01 on the in side? I also had him drill a second square bar stock but this one has a hole drilled down the center then 4 holes drilled along the sides. I thought of cutting cable and 15n20 and alternating the holes with them would create a one of a kind pattern. I know I'm new to this but the beauty of Damascus is always eating at my mind.
  13. I'm lucky enough to have a brother who works in a machine shop. He will be drilling it tomorrow. Thanks metal for the reply my thoughts were that this way might eliminate some scale build up. Not trying to run just trying to be innovative I guess.
  14. I have been able to forge weld a few things and wanted to try making Damascus. My idea was to buy a square bar stock of 01 drill a hole down the center and then fill said hole with a round bar stock of 15n-20. My question is would this work? Has it ever been attempted? I've googled it but came up empty
  15. We all have our moments frosty and I'm still trying to learn new stuff and turn steel into art or blades so its not a complete disaster. The only one who can take away your will to improve is you not some crappy company who sells ASO'S. Thanks for all the advice/support everyone
  16. What I would give to hear all of your stories about forging. I plan to make quad state even if my wife kills me when I get home.
  17. Thanks I hope to see some of you there. Hopefully by that time I'll have made something I'm proud of
  18. Will try to contact SOFA later today. Thanks everyone
  19. Those are great zeke. Jim must be one **** of a teacher because nothing I've made looks anything like those. Look forward to seeing more
  20. I missed one of your questions frosty. I had painted it black because the god awful blue it was when I bought it seemed out of place around all the old hammers/tongs I had just bought.
  21. I can't really complain. I seen real anvils in my area but didn't want to shell out 500$+ on just one tool. You get what you pay for and I chose to pay for junk rather than the real thing
  22. Not a problem frosty. Like I said lesson learned. I don't dwell on things that's my wife's area. Smithing has became my favorite hobby in a very short time span. More than anything I just want to meet some real blacksmiths and watch or pick there brain. So far I've only been able to watch videos to see how things are "supposed" to work/look but I'm more the hands on learner
  23. Anyone know what part of Ohio quad state conference is being held?