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New to smithing advice wanted

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Hello everyone greetings from south eastern Kentucky! I'm new to smithing, I've spent the last 6 months collecting my anvils and vises and the other tools.
. I've managed to get a 400+ pound unmarked anvil a 180 pound Mousehole and a 210 pound unmarked anvil. Three leg vises, 4",4 1/2" and a 4 3/4", I have a rivet forge and a large champion shop forge that isn't usable right now. I used coal mined right here in my county.
I have my "shop" so to say set up in my barn. I make a point to forge everyday. I usually make 3 or 4 small hearts out of round stock. I have made a whole lot of these hearts and I have soaked them in vinegar to help remove the scale that I couldn't get off while the metal was at a orange heat. The vinegar ate all the scale
Up and left a nice bright shine.

My question is what do I use to keep that shiny finish on them? I would post a picture of
My work but I don't know how!
Any advice is greatly

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One of the best things you can do is put beeswax on them when they are just a tad warm, just take the cake of wax rub it all over and buff of the excess with a rag. Another idea worth passing along is this: when the piece is warm say around 4-500 degrees (no longer red) brush it down with a brass bristled brush and seal with wax. The brush will leave a small amount of brass on the surface giving it a gold color that looks neat. I use this technique on leaves and it works good. If the brass does not stick your piece is not hot enough, also you can use paraffin as well- the wax also protects against rust.
Hope this helps- Caintuck

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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. Any time the steel is at heat it will oxidize  more quickly so brushing at orange heat is exposing fresh steel to oxygen. This is a good temperature to remove scale but it's also where scale forms fast.


I like Treewax to finish work, it's carnuba and the same stuff they use to armor bowling alleys. It flows very well at moderate temperature, say in the 200f range cools hard as can be so buff it while still hotter than a cup of coffee/tea. It doesn't yellow with age. I like it but that' me.


Johnson's paste wax is good too but not carnuba so it requires more frequent maintenance.


To post pictures click on the "More Reply Options" button at the bottom right of the text window. Below the text window that opens click "Choose Files" browse your saved files, select the one you want to post, click "Open" it will appear below the text window click "Add to Post."


Done deal . . . I hope, it's changed since last time I uploaded a pic. If one of a fat guy swinging a hammer appears then that's how it's done. <grin>


Fingers crossed.


Frosty The Lucky.


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Welcome to the board.  Sounds like you are off to a good start.  I suggest you do a google search for blacksmith guild newsletters.  LOTS of helpful information there. 


You can also scroll all the way to the bottom of the forums and see the section dedicated to the guilds.  There may be one fairly close to you you can join.  I post the Tidewater Blacksmith guild newsletters there you can check those out as well.


I was just on the other side of Covington Va. this week and will be going back periodically, is that close to you?


Good luck and post some pics.

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