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Anvil Yes or No?

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I don't value the stand at much unless it just happens to be the perfect height for you...... and even then it's looking pretty wimpy. 


The anvil looks like it's in decent condition.  I don't see any major chipping, or a chip all the way through the face plate.  


Price-wise, it's not bad.  Not great, but still in the ball park of a reasonable deal.  Test the anvil with a ball peen hammer, listen for a ring that doesn't change no matter where you tap.  If it goes from ring to thud, you know you've got face plate delamination.

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Yup it's a site rule for this site; but a whole bunch of us have made that error over time so don't worry about it!  (like no direct links to anvilfire.com due top a request to not do so from the owner of that site...)


It's a good brand anvil and there is still a lot of use life in it.  I just think it's rather high priced for the condition.  I might think differently if I was *needing* an anvil...

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Diminished ring is the main reason I like my steel stands. Mild steel has a different resonant frequency than the anvil, being in contact they self cancel. You will get a hearty clang/k if you hit the anvil with a hammer but no piercing ear damaging ring. Owning a Soderfors is a good way to get a person away from the anvil tapping thing, she's so loud it hurts your ears and tends to damage the hammer. Standing on soft earth and grass will cancel resonance post haste as well so I'd surprised if that anvil has much ring as she sits.


Frosty The Lucky.

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