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Sunday project, anvil stand

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I wanted a stump for my new stand, but couldn't locate a suitable one. I had a 12" PT 4x4 lying around from a recent project, so I cut it up. Yes, I know the 70's is calling and they want that belt back, but i saw it in a thrift store a while back and it screamed anvil tool holder. At least to me. Might be a woman thing. I even pressed the belts buckle into service, it's the new bracket along the backside holding the bending fork.

The anvils new permanent home will be outdoors, so the tools won't always be on it, and I'm going to find a small BBQ grill cover to protect it as much as possible. Critiques? I know it's not much, but I liked using items I had instead of spending money on it. Well, I did have to buy the 6" lag scres. The two metal brackets holding anvil to stand came from my junk drawer.

I don't know WHATS going on with my ipad, but it seems to be flipping photos of its own accord lately if I try to post them only sometimes. Irritating!




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Greetings Hairballz,


You must be magic...  A complete anvil stand with only ( 12 " ) of wood 4x4..  LOL...  I think you wanted to say 12'..  LOL... Your new stand will serve you well.    You can always judge a persons anvil productivity by how much slag accumulates on the magnets...  Now get busy....  I wish you well..


Forge on and make beautiful things


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I only WISH I could get busy! The only time I really have for blacksmithing is Saturdays and next Saturday is another blacksmithing class...Saturday after that is my first local forge council. It'll be THREEE VERY LONG, torturous weeks before I can finally light a fire at home and get down to it. Aaaaghh! At least I'll still be hammering on steel the next two weekends, just not at home. Big sigh.....

Yup Jim, I Am Magic! LOL! I caught the inch instead of foot typo after the fact, figured you guys would know what I meant. I said me and my stand we're short, but not THAT short!

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My anvil is outside and the stand (made of 4x4's criss-crossed) is similar to yours.  To cover your anvil, get a large plastic trash can or one of those very large flexible plastic storage containers and just lay it over the anvil.  Works great.  Just measure the largest horizontal distance over your anvil and head for the store.  Try to use the heavy, flexible plastic since the hard stuff will crack more easily.

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