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Why weld on reins?


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Of the 50  tongs or so I own the failure has always been at the point where the reigns meet the hinge plate normally because of the sharp (read too sharp) transition or where the hinge plate meets the jaws.

 I have not had one fail at the forge weld.

 There are good reasons to have some tongs that have very long reigns, especially if you work large heat radiating section or use a power hammer with both hands on the tongs.

 I also like the balance of having more weight behind my hand  upon occasion.

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Way to kill a thread! Sorry..
I don't really have much useful to add, I've only made a few pairs of tongs. I did a little different than either technique mentioned here- I start with round barstock and upset the jaw end to gain some girth before starting. Then draw just a little on the ends of the reins when done.

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 in the older time   if a smith had no power forging  machine they would forge the jaws an fire weld stock bar on to make  the ranes on there tongs but there is a weekis spot if the weld was not as good as it should be

   but these days a lot of new to smithing people want short cuts to doing most thing   like arch  welding  angle iron on to make the bits on the tong jaw 


 it just show that theres a lot of ways to skin a cat [make tongs ] 

 i make tongs from one piece of steel all forged out    ,but i do have a nice 7cwt massey and a few smaller anyangs to  do my labouring 


   if you electric weld the ranes on just make sure you have full penatration welds and normalize after welding to release the stresses and  check the welds often 

 to see if they are cracking 

 happy hammering 


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nice tongs  i do see a small problem with them in my eyes i would like to have more set in between the ranes from the hinge plate  back to   have a bit wider and   to alow the link or tong clip to get tighter as you put it up to the hinge   if they are like the ones in the picture the link can come up to the hinge plate to easy an  also there is dangour of geting your finger pinched between the ranes  

  just my thoughts 

 but nice look tongs 


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