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    blacksmithing, hunting , ham radio driving my tank fammily friends yacking on IFI


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    Moss Vale, N,S,W,AUSTRALIA
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    I have been in the smithy trade since 1975 and i have been working for my self since 1983.
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  1. Hi mate what is the press in tons power and itnover all size cheers moony
  2. Hi damastang you can buy a 30? To n hydraulic log splinter for about 1400$ That will forge after you modify the blade with a set of die blocks
  3. MOONY

    Glenn Moon

  4. Hello all this year we had 12 folks to get hammered this year a lot of forging tong making and scroll making this year also we played a bit withy the manipulator on the fork lift phill from forgemaster forge some extension arms for the manipulator i made sure the big genny had enough food to eat, an all had fun hope next year we will have the 10 cwt the 2 cwt masseys installed so more forging can be enjoyed
  5. wow thank you all for the comments on the 2 bird it took a while to make them i had a picture of a gate that had birds on them that what i started with the scale was huge about 150 to 1
  6. That little hammer it will be rather cheap I no the owner quite well it has been out side a long time if I lived closer I would grab it and get it runnig
  7. this firm was part of the industrial revolution ,that spear headed us in to our world , now that we live , many firms have past by the side , some survive , the history of the metal man , remember no angle grinders no drill press only thought of mind ,eye to hand,, hand to sledge made the metal man
  8. another linkhttp://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Alldays_and_Onions
  9. hi allday and onion was a large manufacture in uk they made many many thing forging , foundry steel rolling mills, cars ,motor bikes the company still are going i think now it has a new name but they make huge fans for moving large amounts of air , here is the older cars http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alldays_%26_Onions
  10. well yep all done an flaten this year we had about 15 at gethammered it was a smallish event but i think all hammered them selves sillier again thank phill you are a great shmit an all round nice guy for a brother till next year hope more can make it an this year coming in feb 2015 is the 30th year celebration of the IRON COROBOREE ALL ARE WELCOME IT IS HERE AT BRAIDWOOD NSW AUSTRALIA 5 DAYS OF FORGING DRINKING AN SWIMMING AS LONG AS THE HEAT LASTS CONTACT ME glenn moon AT [email protected]<script type="text/javascript"> /* */ </script>
  11. hi col ye u need to keep the 316 hot dont go below low yellow an if u want occasionally aneall and quench in water from 1080 about 316i a nice to forge but a but tuff
  13. hi to all i had a Goliath samual platt it was a great hammer i used it for many a year idid some heavy work under it i then install a demore 4cwt an after a long time on service i sold it too a up an coming metal worker moony
  14. I love to meet Albert Paley A friend of mine here in Australia, spent some time with them in the mid 1980's I think Albert is a smith to emulate Moony
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