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Welders' caps

Frank Turley

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Supposedly historically true. Two old time welders shared this story with me. In Oklahoma, in the 1940's, two welders got on the phone one Sunday and were lamenting the fact that too many sparks were affecting their ears and hairlines, when they were welding overhead. One of the welders had a wife who was a fair seamstress, and he prevailed upon her to come up with some head gear that might help. She said that she could fab some oversized caps but being that it was Sunday, the local fabric store was closed. She did find some bright looking, colorful, floral patterned, cotton cloth that she kept from a previous job. So she sewed up the caps with that material and fit them with soft bills. On Monday, the two men were the envy of their fellow workers. The caps worked like a charm.


And that's how the colorfully designed, balloon top welders' caps came into being.

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I hadn't heard the story but it fits. I have two, one has snowflakes and snowmen, the other has flames. Being reverseable gives a boy some diversity in his head gear.


Good story Frank, thank you.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Back in the 70's one of my co-workers wife's made the best caps around for $5. She made a twice-billed cap for $7.

The twice billed cap covered both ears in certain situations.

Cousrse  when you turned the cap 90 degrees ever body had to ask. Are you coming or going? hehe

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