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Old drill bit - what new use for it?

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Hello All,


I found this old rotary hammer concrete drill bit yesterday. I liked its shape so I picked it up figuring that it can be turned into something else: useful and/or nice.


If anyone has an idea or experience with this kind of stuff, I'd be very thankful if they share it.


The bit is about 500 mm long with 22 mm diameter. I suppose it's a Bosch SpeedX SDS shank concrete drill bit. I didn't find its main body's alloy quality, I guess it's not wrought iron  :) .


Thanks for the answers






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The fluted body isn't so fluted that it's easily recognized as a drill bit, and there's plenty of bare shank that could be riveted to another part.  The size would dictate where it would fit into a bigger piece, though.  Smaller bits might look good as a knife's crossguard.  Larger bits would be comfortable as andirons.

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There was four pieces of tungsten carbide in the tip. Unfortunately the biggest one is missing. Only two small pieces left, but very solidly built in the tip.


I file tested the body, it should be hardenable material, as the part near the tip is unwilling to be cut by file. The lower parts near the end are softer.


Using it for punches has occured to me too, but then I found a lots of old scrap cold chisels, so I spare this one for something better. I like the fluted surface on it.


Greetings and merci beaucoup!



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