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Side draft chimney in a smithy that is open on three sides

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I have been lurking on this site for several months and am hoping for some solid advice.

I am considering building a small smithy in my back yard which will be essentially a shed (for tools) and a large extended roof for my smithy.

I currently have a propane forge but want to build a coal or coke forge.

I am wondering though, will a side-draft chimney that is open on 3 sides, still draw when used in essentially an open environment.




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A side draft opening is placed very close to the fire pot so it will draw the smoke up the chimney. Having 3 sides open will make sure there is plenty of make up or replacement air, for the smoke and air being sent up the chimney.


I have used a side draft with no walls and no roof and it does a good job of keeping the smoke out of the work area.

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Thanks for all the responses, your advice is truly appreciated.

Samcro and MTforge: thanks for the pictures. Both are very nice.

I especially like the side shields, MTforge.

Do either of those have smoke shelves in the chimney?

Thanks again



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