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Found 10 results

  1. Had a galvanized chimney for the last 12 years. It rot away. Had this one installed last Saturday: all stainless steel. It will outlive me.
  2. Do you use a spark arrestor of some kind on your chimney? Does the hat alone seem to do the trick? My chimney will be within ten feet of two trees, neither of which are on my side of the property line. I like my neighbor, so I ask.
  3. I've been thinking quite a bit about ways to minimize exposure to coal smoke. Even when my chimney is working well, the smoke sometimes will still linger around in a cloud (the forge is outdoors), resulting in me breathing some in. I'd also rather NOT have a nasty cloud in the backyard, given the choice. Here's my idea, as I imagine it working in a perfect world: Since my chimney is just a side draft from a tall piece of stovepipe, I could cut out a section and make a small hinged door somewhere in the middle of the chimney, and place a grate inside the pipe. Then, before lighting the coal in the forge, I could start a small wood fire on the grate in the middle of the chimney, and maintain it for the duration that I use the forge. Not only would this help with maintaining a strong draft, it would also burn off all the coal smoke that went up the chimney. Hopefully I explained that well enough to get the main points across. Now the questions: Has anyone tried anything similar to this? Would the draft of the chimney make it difficult to keep the small wood fire going? How "much" heat does it take to ignite coal smoke? Would just a small electric arc be sufficient? What about a candle? Perhaps some testing is in order. Would this be dangerous to try? I'm really interested to hear peoples thoughts about this. Thanks!
  4. Ok so I built a shop recently for blacksmithing. I needed to make a chimney set up so I took an old water pressure tank and used it as the hood. I have 6" chimney single wall going above the roof. The hood opening is 13" tall and about 14" wide. The hood is also resting on the forge. Anyway when I tried using it smoke did go up the chimney but some would puff out towards the top of the hood. The smoke buildup is not good and hard on my lungs. So my question is what am I doing wrong here? I did a little reading on threads and other websites about the chimney needing to be at least 10" or the hood needs to be lower. I can't make the hood lower without cutting more of the tank off because it is resting on the forge. Or should I scrap the hood and buy a professionally made one with 10" chimney?
  5. Hi guys, I live in Calgary and am about to move into a new house why an awesome garage, but it brings up a few questions. First, I am thinking of building a hood to gather the combusted gasses from both a charcoal brake drum forge and a propane forge. The guy at a bbq shop is suggesting an 8" double walled chimney. The good thing is that it will be pretty close to code (wall penetration and 6 ft above the gutter, about the same height as the peak). He says that because I am not burning wood in a direct vent system a hood is ok. However, on this forum people keep saying 8" might not be enough. I'll post some pics for context. Any informed opinions? Btw, the garage is in a lower area with a hill behind it (fairly protected) and I bought a cheap window fan that I can use to pressurize the garage a bit. The forging area will be tucked on the left side of that garage door, right next to the cinder block wall. There is virtually no overhang (no soffit) as you can see in the pictures. Still looks like over a grand just for the parts, and I need to get a hood custom made by a local sheet metal place.
  6. Hi. I am at the point in setting up my forge building where I can now fit the chimney. I have 2 meters of 250mm ducting + a cap and am trying to decide the optimum length and fitting. I want to stick with the 1meter section because it will be much less prone to damage in the very high winds I get with my forge overlooking the sea. What is the minimum effective length that will still effectively draw smoke away? I have read a lot of contradictory advice about length and wonder what the consensus was. I also wonder if anyone had used the same kind of hardware i have and if so did you brace the ducting to keep it all secure? I was thinking of running some wire from 2 points on the roof and twisting them around the ducting. thanks Andy p.s the roof has a very gentle slope, the distance from the forge to the roof is aprox 35cm and the one meter section would extend 65cm not counting the top that adds another 15cm.
  7. So I use a brake drum forge out in the open, you can see the picture attached (embedding doesn't work). I also believe I use really cheap coal, $12 for 50lb bag. I heard that cheap coal has a lot of sulfur and so can cause metal fume fever symptoms. When I begin to coke it it caused VERY dark green fumes. Well I forged for about two hours today which is more than before and sure enough I have a sore throat. I feel like I probably breathed a good amount of smoke in because it just goes wherever it wants since I have no chimney. It's not related to zinc as my forge hasn't changed in months and all I was working with today was rebar. Do you guys think this is what caused the sore throat or smoke doesn't tend to do that? If so, do you know of any good methods or tutorials for building a chimney for a brake drum forge? I'd like to get the smoke up and away from me as best as possible. Thanks guys. BIG EDIT: I have no capabilities to weld!
  8. Greetings, I have been lurking on this site for several months and am hoping for some solid advice. I am considering building a small smithy in my back yard which will be essentially a shed (for tools) and a large extended roof for my smithy. I currently have a propane forge but want to build a coal or coke forge. I am wondering though, will a side-draft chimney that is open on 3 sides, still draw when used in essentially an open environment. Thanks JB
  9. So I'm building my first coal forge, it will be outside, essentially itl be just a table with a brake drum set into it. I am in a residential area so minimal/no smoke production would be great, so I'm just wondering is, will a chimney reduce the amount of smoke in an outdoor forge? Would it have a use at all? Thanks
  10. Hey Folks, I´d like to ask for your advise on a project I want to start soon. My shop is half oudoors so I have a roof over the head but literally no walls. Until now I have always had my forge standing just free and hoped for good wind... But as you can imagine I take quite a lot smoke and dust and I mustn´t damage my body with stuff like that at my age. So I want to install a smoke hood over my forge. The only problem is that I only have a very limited budget of about 180$. So I guess I have to take a DIY-solution. After some research and discussions with some fellow blacksmiths I came to the conclution that this design (I know I ain´t very good at drawing...) would give me the biggest bang for my buck: This is my shop: And this is the design I´d like to try: The hood will be built from an old oil barrel, cut out on the front and bent upside to form a guiding-shield. On top of that the chimney will be installed reaching through the roof of my forge with min. 8" diameter. Would you also advise me to do it like that or do you have a solution (any construction plans) that might be more (cost)effective? I´d be very happy about any advise you give me! - Daniel
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