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  1. RE: my "dumb" question, what I meant was, how do you keep the dirt and coal or coke from mixing and becoming a mess. Thanks
  2. I am in the planning stages of building my first solid fuel forge and I am really liking what I see here. Nice job Kubiak!! However, I have what might be a dumb question, but nevertheless, here goes: How do you keep the dirt in the bottom of the pan and pit from mixing and becoming a mess. Is this a concern at all? Thanks
  3. Thanks for all the responses, your advice is truly appreciated. Samcro and MTforge: thanks for the pictures. Both are very nice. I especially like the side shields, MTforge. Do either of those have smoke shelves in the chimney? Thanks again JB
  4. Greetings, I have been lurking on this site for several months and am hoping for some solid advice. I am considering building a small smithy in my back yard which will be essentially a shed (for tools) and a large extended roof for my smithy. I currently have a propane forge but want to build a coal or coke forge. I am wondering though, will a side-draft chimney that is open on 3 sides, still draw when used in essentially an open environment. Thanks JB
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