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I Forge Iron

New Guy, The British Smith

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Hello Im Toby I am wanting to get into Blacksmithing any suggestments from your community ??


what should i do first?



I might of found a original Farms forge that i can use me and my friend but how should we go around it ??


What tools do i need to start


Because the whole reason i want to do this is to create Knifes maybe a sword or Something Useful to give someone


Something i can i say i have made ?


Ive been doing research any sugggestment for what i should research or learn about ??


If you would get back to me i would much aprecicate it Thankyou



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first thing would be to put your general location in your profile; you could be a british smith living in Socorro NM working on a radio telescope being built in Chile as was a friend of mine now in Australia...


Second look into the British Artist Blacksmith Association---BABA; if you are in the UK

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We want to be useful to you.

In order to do that effectively, we will ask questions.

Are you older than 16 years of age?

Do you know of any blacksmiths who live with-in reasonable traveling distance from you?

If you do not know, PLEASE make the effort to find out.

If you find a "genuine" blacksmith, do what ever you have to do to spend some time with Him/Her.


Realize that to do it correctly - it is going to take some study, time, and money.

If you have a few minutes, you may want to read this! '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

I wish you the best!

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To start blacksmithing all you need is a heat source, a hammer, a block of steel, and pliers or tongs. The heat source could be just about anything including a charcoal grill or camp fire. A starting hammer can be just about any hammer. Your anvil could be any block of steel, an old hitch off of a truck, or even a stake anvil. Pliers or tongs, and even a crosspean hammer can likely be found at a yard sale or flea market. Starting with learning to make tools and decorative items is a good way to start, and will in the short and long run result in improved craftsmanship in whatever you end up making.


It is always advisable to join a local blacksmithing group, and take some introductory course(s) covering safety and beginning skills. Taking to opportunity to use equipment both in class and at local smiths will provide you with a better idea of what equipment works best for your work style.

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Hi Toby, welcome to the site, Whereabouts are you located? Are you mobile? How far are you prepared to go for practical hands on help?


If you are as suspected in the UK, go the the Groups forum at the bottom of the page and check out Blackmiths Guild UK which is available to be used by anyone on the site, for more specific information on what the Guild has to offer, www.blacksmithsguild.com


Feel free to ask or come along to see what we are about, and there is also the International Blacksmiths Festival in August we are hosting at Westpoint which will be well worth a visit.


Good luck and have fun

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I feel I owe you an expaintion.  

I did not want to scare you off when I asked if you were older than 16 years of age?.


The only reason I asked you that is to get a feel for your ability to be independly mobil

and could travel with out assistance. 

Usually here in the USA  young people obtain a drivers license at age 16. 


So IF you are younger than 16 years of age, we still WANT TO HELP YOU!

My best to you, don't give up on your dream, it can happen if you want it too. 


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