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anvil identification

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Definitely a Soderfors anvil, and a gorgeous one at that!  I love those animal-shaped anvils.


80kgs is a great weight for general smithing.  Just make sure that you fasten it securely to a base so that it doesn't wobble in the least.  If it wobbles, you're losing energy - which means you're working harder than you should.


Very good purchase.

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That has got to be one of the prettiest anvils I have ever seen! The other gents have already identified it for you so as far as price goes I would be incredibly biased because I love those patterns and want one really bad so I would probably pay more than you did for one , so in my humble opinion you didn't get hurt ;)

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haha.. you are right ronin, in a way but i was asking that because maybe it was worth much less than what i paid for it. or much more. as it turns out i got it for a good price. thank you all for your comments. you have been very helpful.. i will post some pics from the work that will follow.. 

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