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Good evening with all, I nomist: Pascal, I am 49 years old I live in the south-west of France where the weather is quite hot and yet I am unconditional forging mill. Ironmonger of profession, I work the carbon steel, stainless, aluminum and copper. My master key favorite times is, after the forging mill, the shooting with the arc.
I hope that we will be able to communicate sandstone badly the difficulties which I have with mon" English "
Good fire and good forging mill with all!
A+ P L

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L'ami bienvenue, bon pour voir une nouvelle arrive'e loin ici de vous trouvera des amis et knowlege. Donnent une certaine prise que quelques appre'cient. Dan:)


Welcome friend. Good to see a new arrival from afar. Here you will find friends and knowlege. Give some take some. Enjoy. Dan:)

See, even a complete goober like me can use Babel fish!

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Good evening to all.my name is Pascal,I am 49 yrs old I live in the south west of France where it is very hot,yet I am a devotee of forging[ie blacksmithing].A boilermaker by profession,I work with carbon steel,stainless aluminium and copper.My favorite passtime after forging is archery.I hope we will be able to communicate despite[mal gres?] the difficulties I have with my English.
Good fires and good forging to all.
Those internet translators are terrible.I do not speak French very well but I read it slightly better than speak it.Mal gres is a term I am not familiar with I just guessed at it's meaning.

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Maybe we need a translator built in to the forum, it would be cool to be able to comunicate with people all over the world, not just the ones who can speak english.
I think if you live in a country, this one or any other, you need to be able to speak, or learn to speak, the language of that country, but on line it's different, we can't expect the whole world to speak one language just cause their on line.
Just think about the things we could learn.

Not all of us are able to travel around the world;)


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