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replacement blower handle

eco redneck

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Never seen a place to buy them specifically for the blower, I've had to make them.

You could use a dowel to make them, but I fear it will wear quickly simply using a dowel with a hole.


Many of the original wood handles had a thin steel collar sleeve on each end so that the handle had protection from wear of millions of revolutions....  many of which are still in very good shape after 100 years of use.  If you can save the original collars from the worn out handle, you might be able to reinstall them in the new wood handle you make.  You can make your own steel inserts too from thin-walled tubing, and then flare the ends.


For the OCD who want to get fancy with blower handles, I made a few of these out of brass.  With steel sleeve inserts too.  :)



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That brass handle is awesome!  I was thinking about something like that the other day, but wanted to go with deep cuts in it to make it look like cooling fins.  I thought it would be dead sexy steampunk-ish on a blower with black paint and brass accents.....

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Made mine from a piece of wooden dowel.  Drilled a hole through it, then ran a long bolt through the dowel.  Chucked it in my drill press and used emery cloth to profile it........redneck lathe  :D .















i like that idea i think i might have to do that

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I have done the redneck lathe on my press before too, works fantastically for small cylindrical parts for me :) but that's a brilliant idea to bolt it on and actually chuck the bolt instead of the piece.  been pretty limited by the size of the opening on my press, and square objects don't really line up centered on a 3 prong mount =/

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