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  1. Hello everyone I have been throwing around the idea of a used oil forge or a diesel forge design. Now I know there are many threads on the idea but hear me out. I'm totally new to the idea of liquid fuel forges and hAve no idea where to start. I have all the tools and such needed to build one but I just need some starter or a how to oil forge for dummies ideas or pages to look at. Simple plans would be nice Thanks
  2. tried that once before made my head hurt too much
  3. how long did that take
  4. Where would one get his hands on liquid sodium chloride?
  5. So as you can see in the picture in front of that little bin is this white plastic calf huch and in order for me to start smithing in that bin behind it I need to move this thing to get some crap out of it and only thing is is that it's the dead winter in Alberta and this thing is frozen to the ground solid its plastic so I don't want to wreck it and I am I going to do it I have no clue how to do this ran out of ideas already Any helpwould he appreciated and just don't say wait for spring because spring doesn't come until June allmost
  6. After 10 years of stuff piling up going to be a pain to clean her out but I'll get it done within the next week or so before Christmas hopefully have shop set up sometime after Christmas its It's plenty tall enough for a shop but she's got a slight lean into her for probably only being 75 or 80 years old so might have to deal with that but other than that she's good
  7. Hello every one So i am in need of a shop i have a few old square grain bins at hone here abd im thinking of turning on into a shop. I was just wondering on how many people have done this the Ben will probably use is probably with me 14 by 14 or whatever it's not that big any ideas?
  8. Hello every one So i I have been looking at different styles styles of homemade clinker Breakers lately I've noticed that there's lots of variation in different styles of breakers and gates I guess I've seen some made up from ball bearings washers pieces of tube even so I was wondering if you guys can post pictures of your home a clinker breaker or a gate just to give everybody else some ideas if they need for homemade builds Thanks Eco
  9. Never got it it went for 450 bucks i was willing to pay 300 but thats only because i have a small peter wright
  10. ya i am going to go to the auction this is the first no cast iron anvil that i have seen at the auction that in not out in the sticks i can actually get there in an our not five like all of the other auctions with any good anvils in them
  11. my guess is a splitting mall that was used as a hammer
  12. thanks i had no idea what it ment thanks eco
  13. hey all this Saturday there is an anvil at an auction but i dont know what to think the listing says its an Peter Wright #19 anvil but that makes no sence to me i would like to know what you guys think it should sell for all the listing has is two pictures good anviles dont come up around here that often so. idont know thanks eco
  14. you dont know how many times i have done that!!!
  15. where could i get one made