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New road-runner special

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A new(?) 100# ACME anvil. 
I'm wondering if this is still actually brand new.  I cannot find much evidence of hammer marks on it anywhere. 
Also note the upside down “1” stamp in the weight indication.
Edges seem to be in pristine condition, and face rebound is excellent.  This ACME anvil was made in 1907 by Hay-Budden.  
Looks like the original factory grind marks are still visible on the side of the steel plate.
I've not seen many ACME anvils floating around, but I had I passed one up recently at an auction when the price went too high.
When I was a kid I watched the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons faithfully every Saturday morning.
I think I almost know every Bugs Bunny and Road Runner cartoon by heart.
When I saw this for sale, I couldn't resist the memories ACME anvils had brought me when I was a kid.
Can you believe I bought this from a recycling yard employee, someone had turned this in for scrap.


After doing some searching, I found one other person who had a 100# ACME anvil with the same number “1” stamped upside down for the weight indication.  That anvil’s serial number is only 146 away from this one.    Makes me wonder if these two ACME anvils could’ve been made the same day(s?), and the person stamping them had the “1” upside down in the stamp holder without knowing it, or without caring enough to correct it…..
Of course with the anvil, there was the master plan to go with it…



And then wouldn't you know it, a while later I came across a "ACME" sign...  How could I say no to this?


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Greetings Frog,


What can I say but ...  MEEEP  MEEEP ,  Glad to see your reliving your childhood....  I should talk... I have a whole bunch of anvils and in my small studio I have a cast model of the roadrunner on the anvil stump..  but not Acme...   For the kids .. Right...


Forge on and make beautiful things..


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What a sweet score on both counts. In 95' I was demoing at the State fair and a teacher came by with her 3rd. grade class and asked if I'd explain what I did. My first question would've made Mr. Linkletter's "Kids say the Darndest Things." I laid my hand on my anvil and asked if anybody knew what this is called? A bright young face up front raised his hand so I called on him and he said, "A coyote killer!" The teacher looked like she might have to intercede, the adults in the current audience looked like they were going to bust a gut, the other kids in the class wanted to rush forward to get a better look. And I said, "close but it's NOT an Acme anvil, it's a Soderfors and coyotes don't like Soderfors anvils, they're too light."


The rest of the class visit went well, the adults stayed around and I gave the young man with the question a coat hook as a keep sake accompanied with my stock admonishment. "Now you have your very own coat hook so you don't have an excuse for not hanging your coat up." Parent's LOVED that line, the kids usually got all solemn. All part of the theater of demos.


I wish I could find a Wile E Coyote stuffed doll I could bed my anvil on. Another unrealized dream. <Sigh>


Frosty The Lucky.

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You have a plumb beauty anvil. I also share the Wile.E. Coyote obsession. I seem to emulate his lifestyle. We both come up with real smart ideas, but never hit the big paycheck. Luckily, we also share an almost fruitless lifelong sense of optimism. I hope your catapults never fling over and put you into the dirt. 

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face first, of course!

The only thing that would've made this better was to find it still in the crate from the manufacturer.
....along with the Giant Rubber Bands to the right.
And maybe some earthquake pills, iron birdseed, dehydrated boulders, or do-it-yourself tornado kit. ..

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Acme=the highest point. We tend to put the word "acme" in the worst light possible after years of watching Roadrunner cartoons but it is a noble word and we should apply it to our work as metal smiths. We should strive for ACME in all we do in life and not be half buttocked about it. We are not the coyote!!!

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