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Buying hammers "blind" and Gedore

Joel OF

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I've got two questions which are kinda interlinked...


1)  What do you think about buying hammers without being able to feel them? I.e over the internet or having to pay a shop upfront before they'll order it in.


2) I've just come across the brand Gedore, does anyone know if they're any good?


Can you guess the link?  ;) I'm not keen on the idea of spending £30 on a hammer I can't feel before I part with my money but there's no shops anywhere near me (as far as I know) that stock German pattern hammers, AKA "engineers' hammers".

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Gedore stuff is generally good. It's not a brand I seek out because it tends to be fairly pricy in the UK, but the quality is pretty high. I've only really used their spanners/wrenches and sockets though.


Cromwell in the UK sell a range of "Kennedy" machinists hammers from 0.5 kg up to 2 kg, at reasonable prices and fairly decent quality. They appear to be German-pattern (DIN 1041) and are well worth checking out. Nearest branch to you is probably Rochester, but they also sell online.

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Cheers folks.

Thanks Tim, I had seen the Kennedy hammers on the Cromwell site before but assumed they'd be poor quality because (relatively speaking) they're so cheap. Somehow even though I scrolled through their branch list 2 or 3 times I missed that Rochester branch so maybe I'll mosey on up there.


Whilst I've got your attentions, what do you all think of this pattern of hammer? http://c.shld.net/rpx/i/s/pi/mp/8145/635073811?src=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.downloadedimages.com%2FImagesJuly%2F31SRYu8oQdL.SL500AA300.jpg&d=4177c7c8d40291a86d0d2a63199cb70964776372

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Looks pretty similar to my harbor freight cross pein (8$) maybe a little longer in the snout with more definition in the octagon. Pretty typical.

Speaking to your original question, do they have a good return policy if you decide the style just doesn't fit you?

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surely there must be a smith over there that makes hammers....IMHO that's where you want to go for the best blacksmith hammers; however, they are pricey. On the cheap side, almost any hammer in the desired weight and configuration would make a fine hammer after it's properly faced, maybe re-heat treated and handled, further modified to your specs if necessary. The best thing about them is the metal is usually good and the eye is already there, just needs proper finishing. You need to put some work into them, but then it's "your" hammer. Reminds me of great grandfather's hammer......handles been replaced several times and the head once or twice....but it's his hammer........ :)

oh......and you can always take a heavier hammer and grind it down to the weight you want

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