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Damascus and rosewood bowie WIP


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Hi to everybody,

This is an old project, the blade was hardened more than one year ago and i was waiting my bro to make hilt and butt cap with lost wax tecnique but my bro is really layback (if it's the right word, I don't know) so when I moved from Italy the knife had no hilt yet.
The blade is 580 layer more or less, fully fileworked, quenched and tempered already, it only needs a good polishing and a guard and butt cap along with the handle that you can already see. Can anyone suggest where I can find bronze, brass or stainless steel to make a hilt/collar, butt cap and a little pommel?

Thanks for taking a look



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What tools do you have.  I seem to recall that you didn't have much yet.   Are you needing premade or can you make them and just need the materials?  As far as "laid back" I think the term your looking for is lazy.  Being from the deep south there's a thin line between lazy and laid back. ;)   There's got to be somebody in Vagas that keeps brass.  Good luck, looking forward to the finished blade.

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I have enough tools to make a hilt, butt and pommel. I do need a grinder yet but I can meke it without. I just need a piece of stock to cut and shape. But everytime I search the web for something, it end out with a lot of frustration after hours and hours. I probably just don't know how to use a pc

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OOOk, these days I had to go slow and I just started to polish ome side. A lot to polish still but I wanted to start looking at the pattern. I have no ferric so I used lemon overnight, as soon as I can go to Radioshack I will buy the serious one...

anyways: there it is:




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Hi everybody, I went ahead a little since last time... Those are my progresses so far... But I also forged a folder blade and built the frame of that folder, that's why I haven't finished it yet...

I hope you like it so far.

PS. I need to find some ferric acid to etch the blade...



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I like that you aren't rushing into this project (reference to the year since it was heat treated) :D I have to joke as I was dragged over the coals myself (Pun intended) My first knife took me two and a half years to complete. And my friends here gave me (and still do at times) quite a razzing that it took so long. I'm not a goal oriented bladesmith; I do mostly ornamental smithing and restoring a car and grand kids are my other hobbies. Consequently, I would work on the blade for a day or two and then let it sit for a month or three. My interest wasn't so much in getting it done as quickly as possible, but to learn from the processes and yield as best a finished product I could. But I digress ;)


That is going to be one fine knife! Beautiful!!

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