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Damascus Dane Axe

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I finished this axe before xmas...

but the fine finish was bugging me so I cut it off the handle and re cleaned it up and re etched it and I am happy now!


A couple before refinishing....





300 odd layers 15n20 en42.

Forging the damascus simples,

Forging the axe head simples,

grinding the whole thing up to a fine finish ...not so simples.......but it ended up OK!


well I cleaned it up. and deep etched it . I think it looks good now!









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wow    just wow, that looks amazing, the patterns and general shape of that axe is great.

This piece really motivates me more to get pattern welding a go, the result is just such a better looking bit of work then without it. Really something you can hang on the wall and have your friends just stare blankly at it for ten minutes.  

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thank you all.

 the axe is etched in ferric chloride, I use it 99% of the time I do however have the hydrochloric , nitric and sulphuric around if need be.


Thomas, I am looking forward to the " so you are dating my daughter" chats .....


Fortunatly/unfortunatly I am not particularly intimidating most of the time...However Big Axes need to be seen in context!

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