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looking to buy a brand new anvil

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NC Tool has a farriers pattern in that weight range, not sure on price though. A friend had a 70 pound NC anvil he used for blacksmithing and he said it was as good as the other anvils he used (Trexton varient of a Trenton and a Swedish, both about 125 pound). 


Hope it helps



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Agree, Cliff Carroll is one of the best priced if a farrier's pattern suits your needs. If you like a traditional blacksmith's anvil, one of the best deals out there is Anvil Brand's 120# is $555 www.anvilbrand.com/Anvil-Brand-Anvils-C247.aspx

Another well priced maker for traditional blacksmith's pattern anvils is Emerson: 100#, 150#, 200# http://emersonhorseshoe.net/21-anvils

Hope you find what you're looking for!

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Dang good advise!


But you do remember the size of anvils that are down at Brian's. with a properly designed stand and mounting you can get away with a much smaller anvil...until you can afford the big shop anvil.


seem to me the smallest I would like would be about 125 pounds.


Good luck on your search for the best anvil for the opportunity.



Carry on

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Funny how the rules work around here...


In the past, I have posted threads where I asked for opinions on new anvils advertised for sale from manufacturers. Each time, they've been deleted by moderators because they contained links to commercial products.

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The Blu anvils are, for lack of a better term, "Hofi-esque", as are many of the hand tools and hammers he sells. One might expect no less from a former Hofi student. Long narrow face, double pike, side shelf, big feet for upsetting stock. Solid cast, but I believe that they may be imported from Eastern Europe, if that matters to you.


Dean always stands behind his products 100%, so it is not junk, and is not priced as junk. He and his staff make most of, and test and use all of the tools that he sells, in his own production shop.

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It looks quite a lot like a "Euroanvil", complete with the two pritchel holes, the shelf, and the hardie hole right in the middle of the spot where I would normally consider the sweet spot of the anvil.

I have used an anvil with a shelf. The shelf was rarely useful and often gets in the way.  Are the pritchel holes centered instead of offset?  There's no step which I would miss.  The nice things about it seem to be that the steel is good, the tapered heel is nice, and the upsetting block is sometimes useful although I have other means of upsetting.
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Howdy Pug - your just down the road!.

You must have been looking at the Cliff Carroll 125lb at the FC there in H'Ville?

I have that same anvil and since I just do some hobby hammerin' and nothing serious like most folks on here it works great for me.

Actually was out by Cliff's place there in Larkspur, Colorado last month and stopped by to buy it.  About the nicest fella you could ever meet - he was finishing anvils out in is shop there and dropped everything to show me around - his anvils, his forges, his whole operation.

Anyway - pretty nice anvil and has a hardened face to around 52 I think?  He also showed me that hardening operation there at his shop - pretty interesting how that works too!


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