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Building a portable coal/charcoal forge

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I am getting ready to start building a portable forge. It will have a 2' x 4' table, champion #40 blower, welded rectangular fire pot, wheels so it can be rolled around and be built so it can be taken apart easily for hauling around.
This is what I am making the table out of,post-22703-0-76531900-1343875852_thumb.j. 4ft. diameter, 3/16. in thick. You can see the outline of the table on it. The choices that I have at this time for material for the firepot are cutoffs from this blade(med-high carbon) or mild steel plate that is also 3/16 in. Which would be better? I realize that this is a little thin but it is what I have.
After looking at it some more I am thinking that I might just cut the front and back leaving the teeth on the ends, bending a piece of flat stock and weld it to the teeth for tool holders. What do you folks think of that idea?

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I think you might be wasting some good blade stock.

IMO, 2'x4' is overkill for a beginning portable forge. Plus, 3/16" HC steel is gonna burn through pretty quick as a fire pot.

Surely you can get your hands on a 55 gallon barrel and a brake drum?

Are you going to be burning charcoal or coal? I've seen some fine charcoal forges made out of old bbq grills.

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Just an option, but I would save that saw blade for something else in the future and perhaps get a piece of 1/8" sheet steel for a table top. Randy McDaniel has a great blue print for a forge table and fire pot in the book a blacksmith primer. I just used some scrap parts I had laying around for my forge table and it's worked out well so far. I am using a brake disc from my truck's last brake job and a stainless steel cabinet door as the table which is supported by wood screwed to a stand.

But if you have the ability to weld I would just get some 1/4 or 3/8 plate and weld up a fire pot and replace the brake drum.

I hope to build a setup like Randy's blue print this winter once I get my shop in order to use a chimney.


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well this one isnt excatly portable but i suppose you could downsize it and bolt it up and it would work i know i am just a newbie here and you can take this how you want to this is just an idea to think about dad helped me make this table/forge http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/28012-my-coal-forge/
sry about the double post my internet wasnt working well

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Personally I think the circular saw bent to form the table would look awesome. I recognize that it's not an economical use of quality steel. The image of the saw teeth draping each side like a table cloth is particularly appealing.

Good luck!

I'll give you that one. That does conjure an impressive image. That is an idea for something done out of smaller saw blades too.

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