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  1. royce unruh

    Bright hammers. White smithing

    Rhett and I got you hooked on tools didn't we??? lol looks good cant wait to forge again.
  2. royce unruh

    L brand forge coke

    I like L brand but then ive never forged with a good seam of coal before too around here its around the size of a quarter and up the a baseball a fair bit of clink little green tint in the smoke and about I think 7 $ for a 50lb bag but you have to buy 2000 lbs
  3. royce unruh

    Teaching tongs

    when we gonna do it again rhett?
  4. royce unruh

    Forge lighting question

    this should answer a lot of your questions
  5. royce unruh

    Forge lighting question

    kyler uses a hair dryer for a blower but has only about 20 1/8 in. hole drilled in his brake drum for air could be those get blocked off i have told him personaly to drill bigger holes in it but ah well.......
  6. royce unruh

    new forge

    thanks guys matt it was just some scrap rebar i tacked on some plasma scrap it does direct the air flow a bit to the side where the blower is when theres no coal in it i havent made a fire in it yet that for the evening! dale i hope it is
  7. royce unruh

    new forge

    Rhett (rhett didnt take the time i did on mine but it still works great) and i made a new forge this last week here are the progress pics of my forge last 2 pics are of the firepot itself the slotted table the flanged firepot firepot in place air flow adjustment last to pics are of the clinker breaker set up these last pics are of the finished forge
  8. royce unruh

    The solution

    perfect stuff to add to a 2 ltr. bottle with a little tinfoil in it just make sure you step back
  9. royce unruh


    wow love that bike never ridden one but they look very comfortable
  10. royce unruh

    first hammer

    ugh can someone get rid of the extra posts I had tried to upload some more pics but didn't work out something about my server having problems I do know I had an awesome time over a mackenzies
  11. royce unruh

    first hammer

    here are some more pics
  12. royce unruh

    first hammer

    here are some more pics
  13. royce unruh

    first hammer

    here are some more pics
  14. royce unruh

    first hammer

    here are some more pics
  15. royce unruh

    Knife Chat

    yes thank you guys for doing the knife chat I still need to make time to read the stickies