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I Forge Iron

Bearded from coil spring

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Hi Adam ,
Only this ruff pic, but i can tell you how i went about it tho .
It was from one inch coil i forged square then slit where i wanted the haft,

Forged to 90 then upset it to get enough to pull the corner out ,forged the blade out
ruffly to what i wanted the pulled the ears out a bit then opened up the slit and used a tapered drift to form the tapered hole
for the haft hope that helps thanks Adam


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Another great piece. I really like the silhouette of this axe. Add this to the ever growing list of things I want to do! The shield in the third pic looks like more of your handiwork.??

Progress pics are always appreciated, at least by this beginner. The last ( fourth ) pic posted seems clear enough.


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Hi Robert ,
Yes just a small shield mate ,i think it goes ok with the axe
Bit of repousse, chasing engraving and inlayed some gold and copper .heres a better pic.
hope you like thanks

Wow, Chris, you have some Serious Skills!

I love the way the copper and gold stand out against the darker background, braided border, and sculpted face. To me it seems like this contrast sets up a visual vibration. Similar to the effect complimentary colors have toward one another.

This is a beautiful piece! Would this kind of shield be considered a Buckler? Or, would you use it as the Boss (sp.) in a larger shield? Also, it does go nicely with your axe. Thanks for posting this too.


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Great work Chris - really like it.
As a matter of interest, what was the rough time taken to complete this?

Hi Mat thank you, i cant realy give a good answer on that .first is the forging then ,,cleaning up then hardening and tempering then
clean up after that .then engraving next making the haft spoke shaving the haft to shape then the leather as well
as you see time gets away a bit mate , never go by time so i never realy bother about the clock sorry .
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