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Book suggestions

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My wife just told me she wanted to buy me a new book for my library! I already have,
1.The Blacksmiths Craft
2.Backyard Blacksmith
3.The Complete Modern Blacksmith
4.Blacksmith Basics for the Homestead
5.Blacksmith Projects
6.Basic Blacksmithing An Introduction To Toolmaking
Any suggestions for #7?

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I really like my "Blacksmith's Manual Illustrated" by J. W. Lillico. Not much of a pleasure read but I refer to it often when planning projects or ordering steel. Lots of illustrations and some good reference tables. Though I have never actually read it I use it more than any of my other blacksmith books. I refer to it for inspiration and for planning exact steps for more complex projects.

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So far your list seems to focus on introductory material. Now you might wish to start acquiring books on specialty areas, such as "Early American Wrought Iron" by Sonn, or a book on heat treating, or a book on one of the areas of historical information. If you give us an idea of what direction you feel your interests are leading you, then recommendations could be tailored to your interests.

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I second Francis for now, later stewartsmiths list would be good. Aspery's books will get you away from the completely basic background you have now and prepare you for whats in stewart's list.

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"The Knight and the Blast Furnace" Williams
"The Celtic Sword" Pleiner
"The Metallography of Early Ferrous Edge Tools and Edged Weapons" Tylecote and Gilmour
"Sources for the History of the Science of Steel" Smith
"The Mastery and Uses of Fire in Antiquity" Rehder
"De Re Metallica" Agricola
"Southwestern Colonial Ironwork: The Spanish Blacksmithing Tradition" Simmons & Turley

Cause you must be interested in the history stuff as I am right?

Now if you have a yen for blademaking I would suggest "The Complete Bladesmith", "The Master Bladesmith" and "The Pattern Welded Blade" Hrisoulas

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'The Artist Blacksmith' and 'Forged Architectural Metalwork' by Peter Parkinson, the first gives a very good intro. to the craft.

If you want stuff to make look at 'Iron and Brass Implemements of the English House' (has a colonial American section too) by John Seymour Lindsay, a classic book.

'Colonial Wrought Iron: The Sorber Collection' by Don Plummer is worth a look to, lots of things to make.

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I bought one of Mark's book from him, signed through Amazon, and the other book from him, signed, through EBay. Each time Mark kindly contacted me to find out how I wanted each book signed. Apparently he sold/sells books through both web sites, which came in handy in allowing me to spend my Christmas gift-cards on his books. ;-)

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