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new coke forge project


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as a project for y education i had to design and build a project, the only requirement was that it had to be a 3-point-linkage but since i don't need any thing that hangs behind a tractor, and needed to make a new solid fuel forge.
i ended up making a forge that was bolted onto a 3-point-linkage :)

its not all finished need to make a few more additions but here is a few photos
the firepot is a old cast-iron on




the top plate(6mm) and the shelf(3mm) was lasercut the frame is 50x50x6mm angle iron

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First, I smiled at your creativity with the requirements of the 3 pt hitch. I really like how solid you made it. I tend to build heavier myself. Great support from underneath, from what I can see from the welds. You might want to consider what could fall out of the corners. That should last for years and give you lots of enjoyment. Great job!

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thanks for your nice comments :)

the gaps in the corners i made on purpose so to be able to sweep out dust when needed and they are only 10mm wide the two gaps on the side that will be placed against the wall will be welded up

the firepot is not very deep and the sides are 35mm high so the top of them will be abut the hight where the sweetspot in the fire will be for most of the size work ill be doing in it

i still need some more features build on it but this was as far as i could get with the very limited time we hard for the project
one thing i really need is rubber feet on threaded bar so i can level it on my floor, and will lasercut and CNC-bend a box for ashes and clinkers to go under the ash-dump

any other ideas of what i should build in on it would be very appreciated :)

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Thanks  I got it from a local counts mansions farm forge shop I got to clear out as they needed the space.I don't know how old it is but thinking abot 80 or so years but no one knows.. the only markings on it is PATENTIMG_0703.jpgIMG_0702.jpgIMG_0697.jpg

This looks a really good job. Would love to see more pictures as the build goes on.
Where did you find the cast iron tuyere from?
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