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Small hammer : WWII artifact


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You'll notice the one side is the number 22 not SS as in the hitler regime and ,as Bigundoctor said, the swastica like design is many thousands of yeasr old. I too suspect just an unfortunate coincidence.Yuck.. Log brand-lots of them around. Hit the end of the log with it on the end the scaler is going to see...

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I'd go with the last two posts as well. They're saying that it predates WWII to a time when the swastika was simply a clever graphic. The other end certainly looks like a '22' to me as well, not the two lightning bolts to form 'SS'.

Besides, what would the SS need with a log marking hammer?

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The symbol that is now considered to be a swatstica was used for good luck prior to Hitler.
Triump made a trap with it on the pan.
The Hibbing MN High school that Bob Dylan went to school was them in the floor as you enter the building

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